BCSTA's Policy on Travel Expenses - February 20, 2021

Generally, all expenses are paid by the claimant at the time incurred. The claimant then submits an expense claim form to the Association for reimbursement. Original receipts* or legible copies of receipts must be provided. Exceptions are items charged to the Association by a credit card provided by the Association or by arrangement made by BCSTA for hotels to bill BCSTA directly for room, taxes and parking. For expenses charged directly to BCSTA, please attach receipts but do not claim. To ensure prompt and efficient processing, please submit expense form within one week after expenses are incurred, but no later than two months** after expenses are incurred.

*Note: toll and bus fare receipts are not required


When filling in the expense claim form, please note the following:

  1. TRAVEL COSTS - Claim amounts paid for transportation (plane, train, bus, ferry, taxi, parking) and, with the exception of toll and bus fare receipts, attach all invoices, receipts and/or ticket stubs. Air travel is limited to the lowest possible fare. Where flight changes and/or cancellations may be required, “Flex” fare options may provide the most cost-effective alternative. BCSTA is not responsible for luggage in excess of one checked bag and is not responsible for seat selection fees.
  2. MILEAGE COSTS - Claim $0.59/km for private automobile costs. Mileage reimbursement is calculated as the number of kilometers from point of origin to destination. Measurements for the return trip will be similarly calculated. Where a discrepancy exists, mileage will be paid in accordance with the lowest mileage determined by mapping software used by BCSTA staff. The maximum amount claimable is limited to the cost of economy airfare between points traveled, when air travel is available and practical.
  3. HOTEL - Claim the actual cost of the hotel/motel, less any personal items charged. If staying with friends, claim $30.00 per night. BCSTA will not be responsible for accommodation that exceeds the minimum required to conduct business on behalf of the Association.
  4. MEALS - Claim $55.00 per full day on BCSTA business. Where meals are provided by the association, deductions shall be at the following rates: $12.00 for breakfast, $17.00 for lunch, $26.00 for dinner. Where charges for taxes or service result in the daily amount expended exceeding the per diem, the additional amount will be reimbursed upon submission of receipts.
  5. DEPENDANT CARE COSTS - Claim to a maximum of $50/day upon submission of receipts. This applies to staff required to work outside of normal working hours and to trustees serving on BCSTA governance bodies.

5.1 The definition of dependant is a person who is dependent upon an individual for their care and support and who is:
a. the individual’s spouse; or
b. the child or grandchild of the individual or the individual’s spouse; or
c. the parent, grandparent, brother or sister of the individual or the individual’s spouse.

 6. OTHER EXPENSES - Claim expenditures made necessary by being away from home in the performance of duties on behalf BCSTA, such as internet or               long- distance charges.

PLEASE NOTE: The Association will reimburse only expenses listed in items 1 through 6, above.

For each expense item listed, please clearly identify the PURPOSE of each expense. For instance, attendance at a specific standing or ad hoc committee meeting, Provincial Council, etc.

Appeal Process:
Where a claim, in full or in part, is not approved by BCSTA because it does not comply with BCSTA’s Policy on Travel Expenses as approved by Provincial Council, the claimant may submit an appeal. Appeals must be submitted to BCSTA in writing within 30 days of notification that all or a portion of the claim has not been approved for payment. Claims are to be submitted, via the Director, Finance & Human Resources, to the next meeting of the Finance & Audit Committee for the Committee’s review and ruling.

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